Life Support

The Vivo range of life-support ventilators from Breas Medical is designed to provide comfortable and effective respiratory support for patients with respiratory insufficiency. These ventilators offer a wide range of modes for both invasive and non-invasive ventilation options, making them suitable for a variety of patients with respiratory conditions, including COPD and neuromuscular disorders.

A photo of a Vivo 45LS.

Comfortable. Compact. Connected.

In order to address the requirements related to various respiratory conditions, a ventilator must offer outstanding clinical versatility and performance. But equally important, it must be designed around the patient’s life, activities and home environment. That's why we've created Vivo 45LS – a life support ventilator for adult and pediatric patients from 11 lbs/5 kg.*

The Vivo 45LS is designed to maximize independence and mobility and can be connected to the Breas cloud solution, EveryWare.

*Modification in accordance with FDA’s guidance, Enforcement Policy for Ventilators and Accessories and Other Respiratory Devices During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency.

A photo of a Vivo 65.

Dual Limb Life-Support The Vivo 65 is an advanced homecare ventilator designed to deliver comfortable and effective (life-support) treatment to adult and pediatric patients from 11 lbs/5 kg. The Vivo 65 can be used for a wide variety of patients thanks to a comprehensive set of modes, circuits and accessories. The dual limb circuit allows for measurement of exhaled volumes providing additional security.

The extensive monitoring capabilities, including EveryWare, help obtain a better insight into the quality of ventilation. The Vivo 65 is an excellent choice for mechanical ventilation at home, in the hospital and in long term care facilities.

A photo of EveryWare

Making Connected Care more Insightful At Breas, we know that ageing populations and modern lifestyles can lead to healthcare access, resources and budgets being stretched to crisis point. Patients with chronic respiratory conditions compound the situation often requiring multi-disciplinary teams and support mechanisms to manage them effectively.

Remote technology has the opportunity to not only enhance patient’s quality of life and make their treatment more effective, but also help plan interactions with patients more effectively, cutting out needless and inconvenient travelling.

By enabling the provision of care outside of the hospital, the aim of EveryWare is to help make a more productive use of healthcare resources and reduce expensive secondary care admissions.